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Renewable Energies Technology Diploma Program

Renewable Energies Technology Diploma Program

The Renewable Energies Technology program is
focused on the primary practical applications of
Renewable Energy and will appeal to individuals
seeking formal training to enable them to enter
the Renewable Energies field as employees or
entrepreneurs. The program delivers the
foundational knowledge in the relevant electrical,
electronic and mechanical disciplines that are
required in the Renewable Energies sector.
A number of Renewable Energy solutions and
applications are emerging in our current
environment, therefore, the Renewable Energies
Technology Program is designed to address more
than one renewable energy technology. The program
will give the student a solid foundation in the
science as well as the design and installation
techniques required to work with various Renewable
Energy solutions. Included components will be
Solar Energy, Wind Turbines, Biomass Energy and
Geothermal Energy Systems. The best industry
practices of health, safety and environmental
conservation will play an integral role in all of
the courses delivered within the program including
complete safety training for working at heights
and confined spaces.
The program will also introduce the general
concepts associated with global climate change and
the practicalities associated with sustainable
energy including conservation techniques.
By the completion of the program, students will
have gained experience and knowledge enabling them
to perform site assessments for Wind and
Photovoltaic Energy projects with the ability to
integrate the same with current existing energy
sources. Graduates will have an in-depth working
knowledge of current practice in the installation,
commissioning and routine maintenance and repair
of Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine generating
systems enabling them to function effectively in
the utility scale Wind Turbine and Solar
Photovoltaic industries.

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