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COMM-140 - Technical Writing - 3.00 Credits

COMM-140 - Technical Writing - 3.00 Credits

Course Details
This course will provide students with the skills necessary to write technical papers as clearly, accurately, and succinctly as possible. Students will learn how to take accurate field notes, the difference between primary and secondary source information, and learn how to research and read technical papers. A major component of the course will focus on writing a research and review paper.
Part of the:
  • Available/Required in the following Programs:
  • Environmental Resource Technician Certificate - Year 1 Spring
  • Renewable Energies Technology Diploma Program - Certificate Completion Plan
  • Course offered:
  • Spring 2024 (January - April)
  • Spring 2025 (January - April)
  • Corequisites : ENRT 170,
    Course Outline
    Instructors Qualifications: Master's degree in a related field. Bachelor's degree in a related field with experience will be considered.
    Office Hours: 1.5 Per week
    Contact Hours: 45
    Student Evaluation
    Assignments 50-70%, Final 30-50%, Total 100%. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy.
    Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:
  • demonstrate proper setup and recording of field notes;

  • identify primary and secondary source information;

  • conduct research using the library and internet resources;

  • read and incorporate scientific journal information into their own research;

  • use statistics to analyze field data to incorporate into a technical paper;

  • identify the components of a research paper, review paper and lab report;

  • properly incorporate tables and figures into a written document;

  • properly document sources of literature within a written document and in a literature cited section; and

  • demonstrate proper use of the English language, including grammar and spelling, through the drafting and revision of a research and review paper.
  • Text and Materials: McMillan, V.E. Writing Papers In The Biological Sciences. Current edition. Boston, M.A. Bedford/St. Martins’s.
    Other Resources:
    Transfer Credits: For more information visit: www.bctransferguide.ca
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    Current Course Offerings:
    DaysTimeStart DateEnd Date
    T9:00AM - 12:00PM08 Jan 202419 Apr 2024
    DaysTimeStart DateEnd Date
    T9:00AM - 12:00PM06 Jan 202517 Apr 2025