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RNET-250 - Intro to Small Business Concepts - 3.00 Credits

RNET-250 - Intro to Small Business Concepts - 3.00 Credits

Course Details
This introductory course will examine some of the theoretical concepts and practical experiences necessary for effectively running a small business. A wide variety of topics such as the social and ethical responsibility of a contemporary business, the importance of human resource and financial resource management, and the current trends in Canadian business will be studied.
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  • Available/Required in the following Programs:
  • Renewable Energies Technology Diploma Program - Diploma Completion Plan
  • Prerequisites : RNET CORE Year 1
    Course Outline
    Instructors Qualifications: Relevant Master’s Degree. Bachelor's Degree in a related field with experience will be considered.
    Office Hours: 1.5 per week
    Contact Hours: 45
    Student Evaluation
    Assignments 50-70%, Final 30-50%, Total 100%. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy.
    Learning Outcomes:

    Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:

    • describe the ethical behavior and social responsibility of Canadian business;

    • list the top ten environmental issues facing Canadian businesses;

    • describe operations management and quality control;

    • describe marketing and consumer behavior;

    • explain the importance of financial resources management and risk management;

    • explain the importance of a credit report and how to obtain it;

    • identify the forms of business ownership structures as well as their advantages and disadvantages;

    • identify why people are willing to take the risk of entrepreneurship;

    • develop a business plan for an enterprise of the students choosing;

    • explain the importance of human resource management through a study of current labor and personnel issues;

    • introduce accounting concepts relevant to a small business; and

    • describe the importance of customer service.

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