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Executive Assistant Diploma

Department: BUSINESS
Program Delivery Location: Merritt
Credential: Diploma
Format: Full-Time, Part-Time
Start Dates: September, January

Executive Assistant Diploma

The Executive Assistant Diploma Program is designed to provide training in office management.

After successfully completing the Office Administration Assistant Program students will continue to develop administrative and professional skills; work with computer technology; network with professionals in the field; and prepare for a wide range of careers within the business world.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of Office Administration Assistant Certificate Program

  • BC Grade 11 or equivalent (Grade 12 preferred) or mature student status (transcripts required)

  • English Studies 12 or English 12 First Peoples or ENGL 060 or equivalent

  • MATH 055 or Foundations of Math 11

  • Keyboarding 30 words per minute

  • Any Advanced level ABE mathematics or any Mathematics 11 or assessed equivalent

The Department Head may, in exceptional circumstances, admit applicants
who are lacking certain program admission requirements; if the applicant
can demonstrate s/he has a good chance of succeeding in the program.

NVIT is committed to ensuring education is accessible to all people.
Students who do not meet program requirements should contact the
Department Head or an NVIT Academic Planner regarding upgrading


Upon completion of year one, Office Administration Assistant Certificate, and year two, Executive Assistant Diploma Program, graduates should be able to:

  • Understand and apply basic accrual accounting theory to the analysis and recording of business transactions, both manually and electronically.

  • Be proficient with Microsoft suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access

  • Type at a minimum rate of 50 words per minute

  • Write proposals and business reports

  • Maintain a current resume and have knowledge of the job market

  • Take minutes and use transcription equipment

  • Operate office equipment

  • Answer telephones as a receptionist

  • Have a solid understanding of bookkeeping and payroll

  • Maintain electronic and manual filing systems

  • Prepare and deliver presentations

Activities & Design

The Executive Assistant Diploma program will be delivered over eight months, with two terms, consisting of six courses each. The delivery model, for each term will simulate the professional office environment. Learners will be encouraged to support each other in completing experiential learning activities (i.e. chairing meetings, mock interviews, problem-solving, critical thinking); and in becoming more self-directed in their learning. All courses will maximize the use of:

  • Regular guest speakers

  • Field trips to visit the local businesses

The instructors will act as employers and experts in promoting an environment conducive to learning through activities such as guided discussion, group analysis and activities, and team building exercises.

Diploma Completion Plan
  • ADMN-121 - Introduction to Management
  • ADMN-190 - Technical Communications I
  • ADMN-191 - Technical Communication II
  • APBT-210 - Administrative Procedures II
  • APBT-220 - Executive Assistant Accounting 1
  • APBT-221 - Executive Assistant Accounting II
  • APBT-222 - Business Math and Calculators II
  • APBT-290 - Simulated/Integrated Project
  • COMP-105 - Databases
  • COMP-113 - Keyboarding II
  • COMP-130 - Desktop Publishing
  • ENGL-110 - English Composition
  • Course Listing for this program

    ADMN-121 - Credits: 3.000
    Introduction to Management
    ADMN 121 provides the student with an introduction to management. It is designed to introduce students to the world of organizations. Although this course will not necessarily make the student a manager, it will provide them with a better understanding of the workings of organizations and those who manage them. The ideas and concepts associated with management will be practiced in class through experiential learning in a team context. The material will not only clarify the things managers do but also focus on developing a conceptual awareness of the issues facing managers and organizations in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive world economy. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / MATH-057 / or English 12 or English Studies 12 and/or English First Peoples 12 and MATH 057 or Foundations of Math 11 or permission of instructor.
    ADMN-190 - Credits: 3.000
    Technical Communications I
    This course introduces students to the fundamentals of written communication for the professional situation. Upon completion students will be able to properly compose internal and external written communication in various administrative formats including memos, policy directives, letters, summary papers and media releases. This is a practical course involving a substantial number of word-processed written assignments and oral presentations. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Program admission
    ADMN-191 - Credits: 3.000
    Technical Communication II
    This course provides students with skills necessary for effective written and spoken communication in the business world. Students will be given extensive practice in writing clear and concise English through word-processed, written assignments. Upon completion of the course students will be able to plan, research, and present technical reports and proposal projects. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: or permission of instructor. / ADMN 190
    APBT-210 - Credits: 3.000
    Administrative Procedures II
    This course builds upon the skills and knowledge gained in APBT 110 during the Office Administration Certificate Program. Students learn business etiquete and professionalism skills for workplace success. Topics covered include the conduct of meetings using Roberts Rules of Order, transcribing minutes, arranging travel, performing scheduling, managing contacts, customer service, and reception duties. Hands-on training in the use of email for online communications, calendar for important dates and appointments for an office environment. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Office Administration Assistant Certificate
    APBT-220 - Credits: 3.000
    Executive Assistant Accounting 1
    This course is an introduction to manual accounting. Emphasis is placed on fundamental accounting principles and their application in day-to-day business situations. Topics covered include the accounting cycle, cash and receivables, inventory valuation, and the use of special journals and subsidiary ledgers. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Office Administration Assistant Certificate or instructor permission
    APBT-221 - Credits: 3.000
    Executive Assistant Accounting II
    This course is a continuation of APBT 220: Executive Assitant Accounting I and will introduce the student to accounting for and amortization/depreciation of capital assets and intangibles, goodwill, accounting for various types of liabilities, accounting for corporations and investments, the statement of cash flows, analysis of financial statements, and an introduction to partnerships. Students will have an introduction to electronic accounting. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: APBT-220 / Office Administration Assistant Certificate or instructor permission
    APBT-222 - Credits: 3.000
    Business Math and Calculators II
    This course builds upon APBT 120: Business Math and Calculators in the Office Administration Certificate program and is intended for students continuing onto Executive Assitant Diploma program. It is designed to give the learner an overview of today's business world and a working knowledge of its mathematical applications and procedures. Learners will experience a firsthand working knowledge of many important business math applications. Students will gain a valuable understanding of the time value of money concept, and how it relates to many important personal finance issues such as budgeting, purchasing, borrowing, investing, and retirement planning. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Office Administration Assistant Certificate or instructor permission
    APBT-290 - Credits: 3.000
    Simulated/Integrated Project
    This is a capstone course in which students integrate word processing, spreadshee, database, desktop publishing, and presentation software, along with their job knowledge. Students will complete a variety of office administrative tasks including dcision-making, time management, record management, and prioritizing. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Office Administration Assistant Certificate
    COMP-105 - Credits: 3.000
    This course introduces learners to the Microsoft Access 2016 data management system. It focuses on planning, designing, and creating a database to meet the needs of today's workplace. Students will use various commands and features to create tables, generate queries, and print forms. Learners will enter data, work with calculations, and extract information to generate and print reports. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Office Administration Assistant Certificate
    COMP-113 - Credits: 3.000
    Keyboarding II
    This course is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to key accurately and proficiently. The course builds on the student's present keyboarding skills and will assist them in reaching a minimum of 50 net words per minute on five-minute timing. This course is one of the required courses needed to receive an Applied Business Technology/Office Administration Certificate at BC public colleges. Students planning to complete a college certificate program must meet college entrance requirements. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: COMP 103
    COMP-130 - Credits: 3.000
    Desktop Publishing
    This course will introduce learners to the desktop publishing software. Students will plan, design, and produced business-quality publications such as web pages, letterhead, flyers, brochures, forms, and newsletters. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: Office Administration Assistant Certificate
    ENGL-110 - Credits: 3.000
    English Composition
    English 110 prepares students to write successful college essays. This course focuses on the writing process. Students will learn how to develop, organize, write, revise, document, and edit essays. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / or English 12 or English Studies 12 and/or English First Peoples 12 or permission of instructor.

    Current Course Offerings

    01 = Merritt Campus
    V1 = Burnaby Campus

    Spring 2024 (January - April)

  • ENGL-110-01
  • Fall 2024 (September - December)

  • ENGL-110-V1

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