BC's Indigenous Public Post-Secondary Institute
Information Technology
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) and Cisco Systems Canada are delivering an Information Technology Certificate Program (ITCP). This exciting and ground-breaking program combines Cisco training modules in conjunction with NVIT courses designed to augment and support the Cisco training modules, thereby increasing the success rate of students. This is a non-degree program. Many of the 200 plus remote and rural Aboriginal communities in British Columbia do not currently have ready access to skilled technicians. There are frequent and unacceptable delays for repairing and updating their computer equipment and software. It is the intent of ITCP that Aboriginal communities will benefit enormously from having resident staff to support their expanding technological requirements. The Information Technology department will develop information technology infrastructures and capacities at local community levels. Keeping information technology expertise and knowledge at local community levels allows Aboriginal communities to build more independence and skills. The ITC initiative will enable these communities to connect to the Internet and will encourage the establishment of computing networks. Although not certain at this point, NVIT anticipates the addition of a diploma level program being developed over the next year, with the ITCP being the first year of the two year program. Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements published in the calendar that apply to all applicants seeking admission to NVIT, applicants interested in ITCP will be asked for the following documentation:
  • a letter of recommendation where appropriate from the Education Coordinator of the student’s home community;
  • evidence of having mastered the content of prerequisite studies (Grade 11 English and Grade 11 Mathematics: Principles of Mathematics); and
  • a letter stating career goals.
  • Tuition and Other Costs: Regular NVIT tuition for first and second year university courses will be applied for students entering the 2007-2008 intake. Students will be charged an initial equipment fee cost of $200.00. The initial equipment fee cost must be paid in full as a condition of initial admission to the program (unless otherwise negotiated and/or waived by the Dean). Textbooks for the program are approximately $350.00. The final direct student cost is a $30.00 lab fee for each of the six Cisco courses and Admin 165 (for a total of $210.00).
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