BC's Indigenous Public Post-Secondary Institute
We are pleased to announce that NVIT and the NVIT Student Society are resuming the U-Pass BC program starting September 1 – after working with TransLink, the other participating post-secondary institutions and student associations, and with continued support from the Province BC.

The plan for resuming on September 1, and while the impacts from COVID continue to be managed, will temporarily allow eligibility for the program at NVIT to be similar to the criteria prior to COVID, where students will be assessed the current U-Pass BC Fee of $42.50 per month if they are enrolled in (all points required to be eligible):
• a course of at least 21 days duration (section start and end dates); and
• they are assessed NVIT Student Society fees; and
• a course that is either a minimum of 3 credits OR if College Readiness is a minimum of 12 hours per week.

This means that students who are only registered in courses that are on-line only online will continue to be ineligible for a U-Pass BC, including those students residing outside Metro Vancouver.

If you meet criteria for exemption, fill out NVIT Application for UPASS Exemption Form and submit to Associate Registrar for approval with any supporting documents by the 2nd week of classes (add/drop date). PLEASE NOTE: Do not access the U-Pass BC website to request a U-Pass BC if an exemption refund is already being requested from NVIT. By not applying for the exemption or by requesting a U-Pass BC, you are assuming all costs for the U-Pass BC.