BC's Indigenous Public Post-Secondary Institute


Meet NVIT Alumni, Naomi Narcisse!

"I was a high school drop out and a single mother. A post-secondary education felt so far out of reach to me. I worked two minimum wage jobs just to support my small family.

The hardest part in all my years on campus was opening the entrance door of NVIT to inquire about applying. My own fear almost denied me the chance to pursue a new life. My academic advisors were beyond patient, informative, and encouraging. I applied on the spot, and soon to follow became a college student!

The Associate of arts program granted me a unforgettable college experience. NVIT set me up for success and showed me how to embrace education.

I was permitted to take courses such as Psychology, Criminology, Political Sciences, Sociology, Physical Health, Sciences, Theater Arts, English and Poetry. I took many courses on campus and via video conference with wonderful Instructors who were always friendly and highly knowledgeable in their fields.

After I had completed my program, I walked the stage as a first time graduate, with my Associate of Arts Degree in Criminology. I left NVIT with an eagerness to pursue my BA. All of my hard earned credits were transferable to university and it opened another set of educational paths to me. I was granted very important life skill tools at NVIT and still carry them close to my heart as I continue to concur educational goals."

Today, Naomi is completing her Bachelor Degree and also a loved member of the NVIT team as our Recruitment and Events Officer. Naomi hopes to help potential students find their path too, just like she found hers.