BC's Indigenous Public Post-Secondary Institute

Term Instructors – Chemical Addictions (Provincial)

Type: Term
Opening Date For Accepting Applications: Friday, November 13, 2020
Resume Review: Friday, December 31, 2021
Ongoing review of resumes
Salary: Term Rate: $6,950.32 per course
Contact: Human Resources
Email: hr@nvit.ca
Phone: 250-378-3308
Address: NVIT
4155 Belshaw St.
Merritt, BC, V1K 1R1

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Job Description:

NVIT anticipates the need for term instructors to teach Chemical Addictions (CHAD) courses and invites applications from qualified candidates. NVIT provides CHAD courses through the Community Education department that are provided within communities across the Province.  We are posting to develop a Human Resource bank for Instructors for new and upcoming CHAD courses in the Academic year 2021-2022.


STSC 101 – Strategies for Success

ENGL 110 - College Composition

ACHD 126 – Self, Health & Wellness

ACHD 224 – Addictions & Recovery

ADCT 200 – Pharmacology & Psychoactive Chemicals

ADCT 101 – Counselling Sills, Processes, Theory and Methods

ADCT 102 – Psychology, Understanding Human Behaviour

SOCI 133 – Group Dynamics

ADCT 104 – Case Management

ADCT 103 – Introduction to Mental Health

ACHD 129 – Introduction to Indigenous Family & Counselling Systems


ACHD 223 – Current Issues in Health

ACHD 228 – Case Management:  Roles & Responsibilities of Community Health

ACHD 230 – Mental Health & Wellness Challenge

ADCT 203 – Special Issues in Counselling

ADCT 204 – Advanced Counselling

ADCT 105 – Sociology of Aboriginal Communities

ADCT 294 – Ethics and the Law

PSYC 115 – Adolescence and Addiction

PSCY 225 – Historical Trauma

STAT 203 – Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

ADCT 205 – Practicum Addictions Counselling


ACED 160 – Community Analysis

ACED-180 – Project Management

ACED-182 – Proposal Writing

CHAD-324 – Addiction and Nutrition

CHAD-327 – Blood Borne Pathogens

CHAD-333 – Psychosocial Trauma Healing: Addiction Theory and the Grief Process

CHAD-334 – Relapse Prevention

CHAD-335 – Working with FASD in Aboriginal Communities

CHAD-339 – Cultural Perspectives on Stress & Trauma

Applicants should indicate which courses they are qualified for and interested in teaching


  • Must be registered through the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada

  • http://icboc.ca/certification/icboc-certification/

  • possess a relevant Master’s Degree preferably with an addictions background;

  • must be practicing the Red Road theory for a minimum of 5 years;

  • have knowledge of Medicine Wheel teachings;

  • have Indigenous community experience including an understanding of community development theory;

  • have extensive experience in classroom teaching and learning practices;

  • knowledge of Indigenous culture.

As an Indigenous centre for excellence, NVIT inspires learners to strengthen community.

NVIT gives high priority to Aboriginal candidates. All applicants should be experienced in working with Aboriginal people.