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Aboriginal Governance & Leadership Diploma

Aboriginal Governance & Leadership Diploma

The purpose of the Aboriginal Governance and
Leadership Program (AGLP) are to strengthen
Aboriginal peoples' skills and abilities to
govern, grounded in the learners' traditional
knowledge, leadership values, and community
development interests.

The AGLP will support the growth and
establishment of ethical, effective leaders and
public servants who contribute to improving
governing systems and sustainable development
outcomes in Aboriginal communities and
institutions, for the benefit of current and
future generations.

Using a blended delivery model, each level of the
AGLP will be offered on a part-time basis. The
intent of this blended model is to maximize the
flexibility of program delivery for working
professionals and public servants, and allow for
multiple entry/exit points that support the
retention of learners and long-term course
completion. This program can also be delivered in
the traditional Academic method of 13 weeks per
semester if desired.

Learners will be encouraged to support each other
in completing experiential learning activities
(i.e. chairing meetings, problem solving,
critical thinking, journaling); and in becoming
more self-directed in their learning..

The culmination of the diploma program will be an
internship course where learners will engage in a
leadership/governance community research project
that will be published and contribute to future
learner development. The culmination of the
advanced diploma will be an internship, which may
include an international partner institute, where
learners will undertake a government systems
research project that will also be published and
contribute to future learner development.
Learners will be encouraged to share their
research project reports broadly, and continue to
apply and refine their leadership and governing
practices throughout their lives.

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