Title Type Salary
Term Instructor - Negotiations and Contract Management Course Term $6170.36
Associate Registrar Full-time Ongoing Annual range $61,038.00 - $70,311.00
Term Instructor(s) – Chemical Addictions 1st Year Program Term $6201.21 per course
Term Instructor(s) – Employment Skills Access Program (Blueberry River) Term
Term Instructor(s) – Chemical Addictions (Bella Coola) Term Term Rate: $6,081.90
Communication and Events Officer (Merritt Campus) Full-time, Ongoing $41,542.52 - $50,138.67
Tutors Casual $12.00 per hour
Community Education Department Instructors Term $6,081.90 per course
Term Instructor - Essential Skills & Employment Readiness (Trades) Term Term Rate: $6,081.90 per course