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Tourism Management Certificate

Department: BUSINESS
Program Delivery Location: Merritt
Credential: Certificate
Format: Full-Time, Part-Time
Start Dates: TBA

Tourism Management Certificate

The Tourism Management Certificate provides students with the skills necessary to become employed in the tourism industry. We ensure a high-quality post-secondary program that is responsive to the needs of learners and is linked to labour market opportunities and employment in the field of Aboriginal Tourism. The foundation of the program is on cultural and applied tourism and small business skills. This certificate is available for delivery in communities throughout the interior of British Columbia. The program is designed to be completed in one calendar year and combines general tourism and business studies with Aboriginal culture and heritage.
Certificate Completion Plan
  • ADMN-115 - Accounting I
  • BUSM-200 - Finite Mathematics
  • BUSM-222 - Organizational Behaviour
  • BUSM-223 - Human Resources Management
  • BUSM-250 - Principles of Marketing (form. Busm252)
  • BUSM-251 - Introduction to Economics
  • ENGL-110 - English Composition
  • INST-270 - Aboriginal Title and Modern Treaties
  • STSC-101 - Strategies for Success 101
  • TRMG-101 - The Tourism Industry
  • TRMG-110 - Cultural Tourism
  • Course Listing for this program

    ADMN-115 - Credits: 3.000
    Accounting I
    ADMN 115 is an in-depth study of the concepts, principles and practice for external business financial reporting. Consideration of issues related to the measurement and reporting of cash, receivable, inventories, property, plant and equipment, intangibles, investments, revenue and expense recognition and cash flows are discussed. In addition, current financial statement presentation issues (balance sheet, income statement) and cash flow statement) are analyzed to gain an appreciation for the impact of generally accepted accounting principles on the business environment as a whole. Recognition and measurement of liabilities (short and long-term), the structure of stockholders' equity, taxes, leases, pensions, and accounting changes and error analysis are also covered in the course. Current generally accepted standards for business reporting are also analyzed, as is their effect of the presentation of financial results by corporations and other entities. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: English 12, English 12 First Peoples, or equivalent assessment, and Math 11 or equivalent assessment, or permission of instructor.
    BUSM-200 - Credits: 3.000
    Finite Mathematics
    This course is designed to build a mathematical base for persons planning to become involved in administration and/or business management. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for business professionals to be able to use mathematics in research, statistics, problem solving and decision-making. This course is designed to expose students to the areas of mathematics that they are likely to require in their future jobs or areas of study. Topics include linear equations, sets and counting, probability, matrices, linear programming and solving financial problems. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: MATH 059 / ENGL 060 / ENGL 060 or English 12 and/or English First Peoples; and MATH 059 or PREC 11; or permission of instructor
    BUSM-222 - Credits: 3.000
    Organizational Behaviour
    Information extracted from various areas of psychology (social, industrial/organizational) and management will be utilized to study the nature of work, people and organizations. Topics include: leadership, motivation, group dynamics, communication, Japanese management, job design, organizational design, culture and climate, organizational change, power, stress and time management and human resource management/development issues. Organizational behavior will be examined through lecture, discussion and practical applications of learned materials. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / MATH 059 / ENGL 060 or English 12 and/or English First Peoples; and MATH 059 or PREC 11; or permission of instructor
    BUSM-223 - Credits: 3.000
    Human Resources Management
    An introduction to personnel management including organization of the personnel functions; recruitment and selection, interviewing and counseling, job descriptions and evaluation, compensation and salary administration, management development and performance appraisal, training and staffing planning, safety and occupational health. The course places particular emphasis on the practical applications of personnel policies and procedures, on personnel's relationship to management and management's responsibilities to employees. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: or permission of instructor / BUSM 222
    BUSM-250 - Credits: 3.000
    Principles of Marketing (form. Busm252)
    This course is an introduction to marketing activities in modern business firms. The major topics covered are strategic planning, target markets and segmentation, consumer behavior, research and information systems, and the marketing mix. Throughout the course, emphasis is on the application of concepts and perspectives to current business problems and opportunities, through case studies and projects. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / MATH 059 / ENGL 060 or English 12 and/or English First Peoples; and MATH 059 or PREC 11; or permission of instructor
    BUSM-251 - Credits: 3.000
    Introduction to Economics
    This course is designed to build a basic understanding of economic principles. Students who undertake this course will be able to understand and discuss economic issues at the level covered by the media. The course places a special emphasis on the economic indicators, measuring economic performance, GDP, unemployment, inflation, business cycles, barter and trade, the impact of taxation, and government policies. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / MATH 059 / ENGL 060 or English 12 and/or English First Peoples; and MATH 059 or PREC 11; or permission of instructor
    ENGL-110 - Credits: 3.000
    English Composition
    English 110 prepares students to write successful college essays. This course focuses on the writing process. Students will learn how to develop, organize, write, revise, document, and edit essays. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / or English 12 and/or English 12 First Peoples or permission of instructor.
    INST-270 - Credits: 3.000
    Aboriginal Title and Modern Treaties
    This course surveys the contemporary land claims in Canada. Current issues affecting Aboriginal titles, sovereignty and First Nations governance will be examined. Modern treaty process and historical process will be critiqued. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: or permission of instructor. / INST 202
    STSC-101 - Credits: 3.000
    Strategies for Success 101
    This course is a hybrid incorporating both online and classroom teaching. It introduces the students to college academic culture and connects them to the resources that will aid in their success. The course covers a variety of topics including: test-taking strategies, note-taking, time management, online research, student responsibilities and ethics, learning styles, and setting educational goals. More Details on this course
    TRMG-101 - Credits: 3.000
    The Tourism Industry
    This course is an introduction to, and the study of, Aboriginal tourism, the tourism industry and its role in the economy: its scale and influence, major sectors, various tourism products in BC, development potential, language and terminology, industry structure and organization, major world travel routes, and prime tourism attractions in Western Canada. Tourism and the tourism industry will be explored through both a practical and theoretical perspective. Through studying the subject of tourism, students are encouraged to identify educational and professional career path opportunities offered in the various industry sectors in the province. Students will complete a research project/essay related the tourism industry. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / MATH 055 / or English 12 and Foundations of Math 11, or permission of the instructor.
    TRMG-110 - Credits: 3.000
    Cultural Tourism
    This course provides insight into how local, regional, and national communities and the cultures within these communities can be attracted to and successfully included in special events. Consideration is given to cross-cultural issues and the challenges of creating an 'authentic' experience while respecting the local environment and the traditions of the people who live in the location where a special event is hosted. Some approaches and techniques for incorporating the traditions of communities and cultures into special events will be demonstrated. More Details on this course
    Prerequisites: ENGL 060 / MATH 055 / or English 12 and Foundations of Math 11, or permission of the instructor.

    Current Course Offerings

    01 = Merritt Campus
    V1 = Burnaby Campus

    Spring 2017 (January - April)

  • BUSM-200-01
  • BUSM-222-01
  • BUSM-250-01
  • BUSM-250-01
  • ENGL-110-01
  • ENGL-110-01
  • ENGL-110-V1
  • Fall 2017 (September - December)

  • BUSM-200-01
  • BUSM-200-X01
  • BUSM-222-01
  • ENGL-110-01
  • ENGL-110-V1
  • STSC-101-01
  • STSC-101-V1
  • Spring 2018 (January - April)

  • ADMN-115-01
  • BUSM-223-01
  • ENGL-110-01
  • ENGL-110-V1
  • STSC-101-01

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